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On Until 26th November: Our Earth, Our City

Come and see the stunning Gaia installation at Holy Trinity Boar Lane, in the heart of Leeds.

Gaia is a realistic 6 metre diameter replica of our planet, created using detailed NASA imaging of the Earth’s surface. It is designed to recreate the ‘overview effect’ experienced by astronauts when they view the Earth from space, allowing people of all ages and all faiths and backgrounds to reflect on the extraordinary planet we share.

All are welcome to come and enjoy Gaia for free during our general opening times. There is no need to book, apart from for the 'relaxed viewing' on Saturdays 10-11, which is a quiet hour with limited visitor numbers.

Our Earth, Our City also features events, talks, and concerts inspired by the beauty and fragility of our planet, alongside an art competition for all ages. We also have a pop up cafe running during the general opening times.

Our Earth, Our City is an event for the people of Leeds organised by Holy Trinity Boar Lane and St George's Church.

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Holy Trinity Boar Lane Boar Lane Leeds LS1 6HW


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