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Meet Your Local

Be featured

As a small business, we know, visibility is everything. Whether you are a new bistro in town, a small art boutique, or a local pet grooming service, getting noticed by the local community can make all the difference in a business's trajectory.

Our new and novel initiative is designed to shine the spotlight on small businesses in the community.

What is Meet Your Local?

'Meet Your Local' is more than just a feature; it's a platform for small businesses to share their story, their brand, and their vision with a larger, receptive audience. It's a chance to narrate your entrepreneurial journey, show what sets you apart, and communicate directly with potential customers in your locality.

The cost

Handpicked Members - FREE

Non-Members - £50

Click here to see how you can become a member.

What's in it for small businesses?


Your business will be showcased in a dedicated feature on Handpicked Local’s website, ensuring prime visibility.

Broad Reach 

With promotion across Handpicked Local’s social media channels and in their E-Magazine, your feature is bound to get the attention it deserves.


At just £50, it’s a cost-effective way to market your business and share your story.


The process is straightforward: sign up, pay, answer a few questions, and you're featured!

Why choose Meet Your Local?

Impressive Metrics

Over 13,000 active subscribers looking for local businesses and services.

A combined social media audience of 44,000+.

A weekly social reach averaging of 430,269 exposures and 32,491 direct reaches.


Value of Word of Mouth

Handpicked Local has harnessed the power of community discussions and referrals. In the world of business, word-of-mouth recommendations are as valuable as gold dust, and with 'Meet Your Local', you tap into an audience that cherishes and supports local businesses.

Get featured today

For businesses that are the heartbeat of a community, visibility is paramount. With Handpicked Local’s 'Meet Your Local', you get an unmatched opportunity to connect, share, and grow. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. 


Click here and embark on a journey to meet locals who are eager to meet you!


Remember: In a world dominated by global chains and franchises, your local character, charm, and unique offerings are what set you apart.


Make it count with 'Meet Your Local'!

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