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E-Magazine advertising with Handpicked Local

E-Magazine Advertising

Be featured

Want your business to shine in a popular E-Magazine?

Local communities have been shifting from hard copy to online platforms for greater convenience. Imagine a flexible, affordable avenue where you can not only display your offerings digitally but also engage both new and existing customers effectively.

When you advertise with us, you're connecting with a dedicated audience who are actively seeking local businesses just like yours. They're passionate about community support. Plus, with a variety of budget-friendly advertising options, you can select what's perfect for you.


And the bonus? As an E-magazine we boast a wide reach across social platforms, bringing valuable backlinks and enhancing your online presence. Something hard copy print just cannot offer. 

Dive deeper and discover why featuring in our local Handpicked e-magazine is a game-changer.

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‘Making up more that 80% of my regular work’ Robling Photography

Monthly Publications


January, March, May, July, September and November


February, April, June, August, October and December


Let your customers know that you are proud to be local.

E-Magazine advertising with Handpicked Local

Our audience is your audience



Email Open Rate


Social Media Audience​


Weekly Social Reach

430,269 average exposure

32,491 average reach

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is like gold dust and we've worked hard to grow our audience to showcase the small and brilliant businesses in the area.


 Tap into an extensive audience who want to support local!

Handpicked Local Banner
"A great magazine and such a great supporter of local businesses"

Karen Sweeney Sales and Event Management

Find a package that suits you

In today's digital age, more people are turning to online content than ever before, making it a prime avenue for brands. Beyond affordability compared to print, online mediums like our e-magazines can be a robust tool to shape perceptions, offer insights, and broaden your audience reach far beyond your immediate customer base.

Imagine not just reaching a wider audience swiftly but also enhancing your online visibility.


Our renowned E-magazines don't just feature businesses; they empower them with valuable backlinks. Why should you care about backlinks? They're like nods of approval in the digital world, signaling to search engines that your content is credible and valuable, potentially boosting your site's search ranking.

Step into the future of branding and marketing with our E-magazine offerings. Harness the dual benefits of expanded reach and improved search visibility.


Dive in to understand more and get started.

E-Magazine advertising with Handpicked Local

Feature your news

From £60 per issue (own copy)

£100 per issue (written for you)​

Quarter Page

£40 per issue

£240 for 6 months (save £40)

£420 for 12 months (save £60)

Half Page

£70 per issue

£380 for 6 months (save £40)

£780 for 12 months (save £60)

Full Page

£110 per issue

£620 for 6 months (save £40)

£1,260 for 12 months (save £60)

Back Page Feature

£150 per issue

£860 for 6 months (save £40)

£1,740 for 12 months (save £60)

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" I didn't quite realise the amount of support I would get when I signed up for the Full Steam Ahead package"

Not Just Travel

Deadline Dates for 2024


January Issue: 17th December 2023

March Issue: 16th February 2024

May Issue: 16th April 2024

July Issue: 16th June 2024

September Issue: 17th August 2024

November issue: 17th October 2024


February Issue: 18th  January 2024

April Issue: 18th March 2024

June Issue: 17th May 2024

August Issue: 17th July 2024

October issue: 16th September 2024

December issue: 16th November 2024

Don't miss out on £620 worth of FREE advertising in our popular Wetherby E-Magazine, as standard with our 'Accelerator' Package, or £1,080 FREE advertising with our 'Full Steam Ahead' option!

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