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Small Business Support with Handpicked Local

Small Business Support

Navigating the world of independent ownership can be challenging, but our communities are richer for the vibrant businesses that light up our streets - both on and beyond the High Street.

To every visionary who dared to chase their dreams, we salute you!

Your small business deserves to roar, not just whisper.

We champion local and we're here to amplify your voice!

Discover the range of ways we can elevate your business to new heights.

Let us help you make your mark.

E-Magazine Advertising with Handpicked Local

E-Magazine Advertising

Social Media Content Marketing wth Handpicked Local

Social Media Content Marketing

Share your events with Handpicked Local

Share your Events

Promote your business with Handpicked Local

Promote your Business

SHare your vacancies with Handpicked Local

Share your Vacancies

Get involved in The Yorkshire Choice Awards

Get involved in Awards

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"Do a great job of shouting about your business for you"

Furnish & Fettle

Find the latest business news.

We have handpicked all the latest business news from your area. Articles include our Handpicked Members together with useful advice and tips on running your business. 

Here are our top 6, but you can find the full collection here

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