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Dive into July and let the inspiration flow

As the summer sun graces us with its warm embrace, we are delighted to present another captivating Handpicked issue filled with inspiring articles and practical tips to enhance your life and dive into July. In this edition, we invite you to immerse yourself in the natural wonders that surround us, both outside and inside our homes.

Handpicked Local E-Magazine

Explore the wonders of nature and bring that beauty indoors with our house plant guide feature. Discover transformative ideas for unused spaces and timeless elegance for your home, then delve into important topics like the domestic abuse of financial control and the rise in childcare payments. Boost your well-being with nutrient-packed foods and tantalise your taste buds with flavourful fish recipes. There is plenty for everyone.

We hope you enjoy this issue of our Handpicked E-Magazine and that it inspires you to embrace the new month ahead.

Happy reading!

Get ready to explore what's on your doorstep with Handpicked Local eMagazine's latest issue: The Highlights.

Bring Nature Indoors:  Your Guide to House Plants

Bring Nature Indoors: Your Guide to House Plants

Taking care of house plants engages nurturing instincts that encourage us to care for our surroundings - and in turn, ourselves. Bring some of that outdoor green goodness inside this season with this handy guide.

Transforming unused spaces with Bespoke Home Cinemas

Transforming unused spaces

With the ever-increasing demands of work, school, and other commitments, finding moments to bond and relax with our loved ones has become a challenge. However, there is a solution that can help bring the family together while providing endless hours of entertainment.

Timeless Elegance for your Home with Lou's Thread

Timeless Elegance for your Home

When it comes to window treatments, Roman blinds have long been cherished for their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Is Your Website Just Not Performing? With TIG UK

Is Your Website Just Not Performing?

Did you know 68% of searches in Google were completed on mobile devices? Is your website mobile-friendly?

Childcare payments rise by 47% with Franks Accountants

Childcare payments rise by 47%

Low-income families will have more money in their pockets from the end of the month as part of the biggest ever expansion of childcare provision.

Enhancing your diet with nutrient powerhouses

Enhancing your diet with nutrient powerhouses

In our quest for optimal health and wellness, one crucial aspect often overlooked is our diet.

Fish dishes that are full of flavour


Fish recipes offer a delightful and nutritious culinary adventure, allowing you to explore a world of flavours and textures.

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