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Poppy Project

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month we take a moment of silence to remember those who died in world wars and other conflicts. Throughout the period of remembrance, Ripon is showered with poppies as a symbol for remembrance and hope for a peaceful future. But this year the Ripon Community Poppy Project wanted to add a new element to the poppy displays.

Cllr Stuart Martin, from the Ripon Community Poppy Project, had this to say, “We very much wanted to add some new dimension to the poppy displays that we put up. So, we approached Jennyruth Workshops and ask them if they could help us. They applied to Ripon City Council for a grant for the wooden silhouettes that are now adorning the Cathedral and will be enriching other parts of Ripon. So first, I would like to say thank you to Jennyruth Workshops and to Ripon City Council for their support. It’s really important to the poppy project to try and improve, mix up and change the dimensions every year so that we’ve got something new for visitors to Ripon and for locals. Thanks to Ripon Cathedral and the Ripon Community Poppy Project who are holding a concert of remembrance in the Cathedral on the 10th November. Tickets are on sale in Ripon at Stuff4Offices and the Wakeman Café. There are still some tickets available so if anyone would like one then that’s the place to go”.

Nicky Newell, CEO of Jennyruth Workshops, said this, “We were delighted to be asked to be involved in this year’s display. Working together with the Ripon Community Poppy Project, we have created 12 soldier silhouettes to be placed around Ripon and knitted lots of poppies too. Jamie and Ben (2 of our workers) have loved painting the silhouettes. It’s really important to be part of projects that benefit the whole community and we’re looking forward to delivering the rest of the soldiers.”

Once the soldiers had been painted, a group of Jennyruth Workshops workers delivered the soldiers to Ripon Cathedral and the Town Hall. “It was very nice to see the Dean and it’s lovely that we got all the soldiers there ready for the remembrance service,” said Jonathan. Beth said, “It’s been lovely to take part in the poppy project.” “I’m happy! I sanded then painted the soldiers with a roller,” said Ben.

John Dobson, Dean of Ripon, shared how important the project is to Ripon Cathedral. “We’ve just taken delivery of 2 of these soldiers looking brilliant in the North Transept of the cathedral along with some of the displays of poppies. We’re delighted that the cathedral, and all the people who will be visiting over these coming weeks, will be benefiting from these in the lead up to Remembrance Sunday. This is a great project and we’re keen to support it by working with Ripon Community Poppy Project and Jennyruth Workshops, two great organisations within this city. Just reflecting on the ways in which all this creative work and this project will be prompting thoughts in the minds of hundreds and hundreds, possibly thousands of people who will be visiting the cathedral over the coming weeks. Prompting thoughts about those who have given their lives in the service and the cause of peace and remembering those from this city, particularly who have made the supreme sacrifice and of course praying for peace in the world today not least in Ukraine.”

The philosophy of Jennyruth Workshops is to be fully involved in all aspects of our local Community. Don Grundy, Chairman of Jennyruth Workshops, attended the presentation and installation of the 2 soldiers to Ripon Cathedral. “Since 2018, the Workshops have been involved in the Ripon Community Poppy Project. With various installations across the city and in Ripon Cathedral, our dedicated team have played a major role as every year the Poppy Project has grown and expanded across Ripon. This year special standing 'Tommy' soldier silhouettes have been designed, produced and painted by the amazing workers of Jennyruth Workshops. Two of these will feature in a special tableau in the nave of Ripon Cathedral, whilst you can spot various others at sites across the city. Over the next few weeks leading to Remembrance Sunday these figures will stand as reminder of the wonderful Community here in Ripon and of the important role played in that Community by Jennyruth Workshops.”


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