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Handpicked has a brand new look and feel!

We have been busy at Handpicked over the last few months and if you are reading this, then the secret is out!

We've rebranded!

Why have we rebranded?

We know a thing or two when it comes to promoting the local area but having three separate websites for you to find everything you need was just, well time-consuming!

Bringing all our services under one roof will save you time when looking for support for your small business, local events, restaurants, local services and lots more.

At the moment you can explore both Wetherby and Harrogate, but our most exciting news is that we have new areas coming soon. So, if you are interested in the place where you live, work and play, stay tuned as we may be coming to a street near you.

There were a few other factors to our big change, including:

  • after 9 years in business, we were way overdue for a little refresh

  • our audience is forever changing and we wanted to stay current

  • our business is growing, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find everything

So what's new?

Well, everything!

Firstly, you'll notice that our logo is brand new too, and we haven't just changed colours, but we've also added a classic eye-catching design.

Additionally, we have changed our company name to Handpicked Local. However, if you are used to searching for us at or, you will find our new website there.

Our categories have also been streamlined to make finding what you need even easier - click the links below and take a look;

Love local. Love your community.

There is plenty to see and do on our new website, whether you are here for business or pleasure.


Find local job openings in your area, businesses that love the jobs you hate, and stay up to date with local events too. From lots of inspiration on what to have for tea, as well as hints and tips that will make your life easier.

Small Businesses

Find a range of ways that we can help support your business, just click here to find out more.

We hope you like our new look and look forward to you visiting us soon!


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