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Dancing Goat Coffee | Feature Member

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Dancing Goat Coffee | Handpicked Local Feature Member

Meet Dancing Goat Coffee, supplying you with everything coffee, whether it be machines or beans, they have a solution for you. Your 1 stop shop for all things coffee in the hospitality trade or at home.

Every customer gets an all-inclusive service due to their expert understanding of exactly what encapsulates good coffee. Nurturing the whole process from the very source, creating a coffee to be savoured and which never disappoints.

Dancing Goat Coffee | Handpicked Local Feature Member

Coffee at Home

Coffee at Home: Dancing Goat Coffee has been supplying your local high street with a quality blend since 2009 and now curated a selection of products with the sole aim to keep you topped up with the finest quality coffee and other hot beverages at home. From single-origin to blends there is something to satisfy every tastebud.

Coffee Equipment at Home: If you are keen to recreate that coffeehouse flavour in your home their online store caters to all needs. Be the coffee enthusiast who is looking for that stand-out retro lever espresso machine for home or a coffee lover who’s just looking for a quick and convenient quality brew check out their coffee equipment for home webshop which has been curated with an expert knowledge and all needs considered.

Coffee Gift Vouchers: Sometimes choosing the perfect gift can be difficult to do. That is why Dancing Goat Coffee has the option of purchasing a coffee gift voucher as that perfect present for any coffee lover.

Dancing Goat Coffee | Handpicked Local Feature Member

Complete Hospitality Solutions

Machines: Dancing Goat Coffee ensures making the right choice of an espresso machine for your establishment is an easy process. Supplying only the finest range of commercial coffee machines, as well as having leasing options available.

Coffee: Dancing Goat Coffee blends are pure joy. They have taken great care to choose only premium beans and tailor the roasting technique. Crafted with an ethos of creating a coffee taste suited to hospitality environments.

Supplies: Find a range of hospitality consumables and other coffee shop supplies. This is all part of their aim to ensure customers find everything they need from one convenient and attentive supplier.

Servicing: The fundamentals of Dancing Goat are founded on the team’s technical and servicing background. Their staff is competent across a range of brands, accompanied by an honest and skilled breakdown service, leaving you with handy tips and a maintenance guide to certify you’re getting the best out of your coffee machine. Rest assured, you’ll avoid unnecessary breakdown expenses and keep downtime to a minimum.

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