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5 tips for better tasting coffee

Tips for better tasting coffee at home. Our passion for coffee goes far beyond just a quality bean and roast. Above all, this technical know-how led us to understand what exactly to look for when creating our in-house coffee range.

Saying that we want you to get as much enjoyment as possible from your coffee, so here are 5 simple tips for better tasting coffee that will have an incredible effect on your final cup;

Buy speciality coffee

This is by far the single biggest difference you can make to your coffee experience. Here at Dancing Goat, we always ensure a quality in cup flavour from each of the coffee blends and single origin coffees we put our name to.

Head to our coffee at home to browse our range of our lovingly crafted, quality coffee, specialist teas and distinguished coffee making equipment, ideally suited for enjoyment in your home.

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Store coffee beans in an airtight container out of direct sunlight, sun loves the opportunity to break down the organic cell structure of your coffee. For more tips on how to keep your coffee fresh at home click here

Pre-warm your mug

Pouring about a third of hot water into your mug will warm it up during the time it takes to brew. There is nothing like a hot cup of Dancing Goat Coffee on a morning to get your day off to a great start and this process will keep its temperature and flavour for longer, bonus!

Tamp your Espresso

Use a tamper when preparing espresso. Water likes to follow the path of least resistance, so you’ll use less coffee and the water will pass more uniformly over all the coffee grounds, giving you a more consistent extraction.

Clean your coffee maker

Coffee makers are another kitchen appliance that requires regular washing to avoid the build up of bacteria. Never just rinse your machine. Take the time to read the manufacturers instructions on cleaning and follow them! This will prevent a build-up of coffee oils which can cause a stale and bitter taste in your coffee.


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