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Want to be more Handpicked in 2023?


We believe that supporting small businesses is not only good for your wallet (and your soul), but also good for your community as a whole. When one business succeeds, everyone benefits from having more money circulating around town and increased economic activity!

Being a small business doesn't mean you can't have a BIG voice! We are passionate about local and want you to succeed.


  • £50 per month

  • £500 per annum

(both options come with £620 FREE ADVERTISING in our popular E-Magazines covering Wetherby and Harrogate).

Just a few reasons to be Handpicked:

WORD OF MOUTH is like gold dust and we've worked hard to grow our audience to showcase the small and brilliant businesses in the area. Our audience is your audience.

  • Social Media Audience - 44,000+

  • Weekly Social Reach - 430,269 average exposure and 32,491 average reach

FREE ADVERTISING in our bi-monthly E-Magazine (worth £110 per month) (read more on this here) – other publications charge £399 + per page per issue! You get this included with Handpicked!

  • Subscribers - 13,000+

  • Email Open Rate - 89%

INCREASED BACKLINKS to your website.

  • In essence, backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content, so, earning these backlinks can have a positive effect on a site's ranking position or search visibility.


We also have brand new features in the works that we think you'll love. Plus, it's really important to us that our members feel like they're a part of something special—and what could be more special than a local community of people who are passionate about the same thing?

Ready to join our small business community?

Click here using 'HANDPICKED23' offer code.

Not ready to join our membership but want a more flexible way to promote your brand or business? Click here to find a range of ways we can help your business sing from the rooftops


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