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LMHQ | Feature Member

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A fun, functional and bespoke personal training gym, passionate about helping everyone reach and maintain their health and fitness goals.

Finding a fitness environment that pushes you to your best, challenges you to expect more, and provides accountability and support along your journey is key to victory. The more you engage in an environment that brings out the best in you, the easier it is to establish behaviours that encourage health success.

What makes LMHQ so different?

Designed to allow movement of the whole body. As a qualified personal trainer practicing for 10 years, Lee's role is to get you healthier and feeling fantastic. Creating tailored fitness programmes for clients to suit their individual needs. All programmes are fun and enable you to feel great.

The Studio

LMHQ is a state of the art personal training gym with equipment like, ski erg, air bike, air runner, olympic bar, kettlebell and dumbbells. Located at the lovely Wighill Priory between Wetherby, Tadcaster, Thorp Arch and Boston Spa, not far from the main routes of the A1, A659 and Wetherby Road.

Group Training: Working out with like-minded people encourages a sense of community, allowing you to meet new people and develop new friendships.

LMHQ trainers lead the sessions to support you to perfect your technique, ensuring you’re doing everything safely and working in the right way for maximum benefit.

1:1 personal training: take your training to the next level. Offering a wealth of knowledge, experience and guidance to help you reach your goals. There are so many reasons why a personal trainer is essential to achieving your fitness goals, whether they be fat loss-based, sports-driven or for athletic purposes.

Time: We have less of it than we think and we waste more than we realise. Let’s stop putting our goals and ambitions off and attack what you want.

Learn more about LMHQ

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