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The Inter Group (TIG UK) is a creative print and digital marketing agency that provides local, regional and international marketing expertise to start-ups, businesses, organisations and corporations of all sizes. With an experienced in-house team and direct access to top professionals, we can build the right crowd to exceed your marketing goals and amplify demand.

Keeping it local with Handpicked Local

Keeping it local

Discover your community

Discover the Best in Your Local Community!

Breaking away from routine can be the spark you need. Ever wondered what treasures and experiences your community holds while you're busy with the usual?

We're more than just a business; we're an integral part of your community, championing local gems and uplifting our fellow small businesses. Let's celebrate what's vibrant and unique right around the corner from you!

Haven't joined our community newsletter yet? It's time! We'll keep you in the loop with the freshest local events, exciting happenings, and pro-tips on how to make the most of them. Click here to register

Ready to dive deep into your community's heart? Click your area below and embark on a delightful journey.

Exciting News: More areas are being added soon! Don't miss out.


Free Networking

Your Gateway to Exclusive Networking Events in Wetherby and Harrogate.

Welcome to your Handpicked Network, where face-to-face interactions ignite professional relationships in Wetherby and Harrogate!​



Escape the ordinary with Handpicked Local's small business support

Is your business handpicked?

Escape the ordinary

Every business starts with a small, courageous decision.

Elevate Your Local Business with Us!

In a bustling local scene, making your mark can be a challenge, but there's unparalleled joy in being recognised and chosen by your community.

Discover how we champion local businesses, ensuring they shine bright and captivate not only the hearts of their immediate community but also those far and wide.

Transform First-Time Visitors into Loyal Customers!

Boost your business's visibility with our engaged community of over 13,000 subscribers and 44,000 active supporters eager to back local gems like yours! Let's grow together. Our audience is your audience.

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Meet Your Local

Be Featured

As a small business, we know, visibility is everything. Whether you are a new bistro in town, a small art boutique, or a local pet grooming service, getting noticed by the local community can make all the difference in a business's trajectory.

Our new and novel initiative is designed to shine the spotlight on small businesses in the community.

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Your latest E-Magazines!

Have you signed up to get your copy of our E-Magazines as they go live?  You'll find a curated collection of the best local businesses and happenings in our community.

Inside our pages, you'll discover a diverse range of businesses and services, all handpicked by us. We take pride in highlighting the unique and exceptional businesses that make our community special.

In addition to our business features, you'll also find helpful articles on a variety of topics. From practical advice on home improvement and personal finance, to fascinating stories about local history and culture.

We believe in supporting and promoting local businesses, and we're dedicated to bringing you the best of what our community has to offer. Browse our e-magazine today and discover something new and exciting!

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Hot off the press!

Sick of scrolling through your newsfeed looking for things happening in your area? Looking for quick hints and tips or how-to guides to help with something you have been struggling with? How about discovering local events and what your high street and i-street have to offer? 

We have you covered.

Hot off the Press gathers feeds from your area to bring you everything you are looking for in one place.

Have a story you would like to share? Email the details to us here

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