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We support a better local future in your area - Discover what is on your doorstep, whether you are looking for a job, want to know what's happening or simply who can help.

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Jo Maltby

Owner Handpicked Local

It’s been Jo's ambition to help give small local businesses a higher profile. So many people are time poor that grabbing a computer is sometimes the only choice they have.


Her 'business support' journey started with #wetherbyhour on Twitter back in 2013 and then #harrogatehour in 2018. Both regular hour-long, online networking session that supports and brings local businesses together expanding into live meetups shortly after.

Jo launched her 'Business Membership' Handpicked Local subscription service in 2015 and this allowed her to bring the high street to the i-street - From seeing what you sell, where you are based or even to purchase, digital technology has changed the way small businesses grab the spotlight.


Jo has received many accolades over the years including Wetherby Townsperson of the Year, Insight with a Passion Award & Stray FM Good Neighbour Local Hero Award.

In May 2019, Jo was elected to become a Councillor for Wetherby Town Council. A role she is completely honored to fulfill.

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Jenni Brown

Manager Handpicked Harrogate

​I've lived and worked in Harrogate most of my life and believe that Harrogate is not only the happiest but also the very best place to live and work.  I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all so I can ensure your unique business voice is heard loudly and effectively across the region.  It would be great to have a coffee with you so I can hear that voice in person. 


If  you'd like to meet up with me for a chat then please drop me a line at with some dates that will work for you and I'll get right back to you to set something up.  


I am looking forward to helping your business to grow and thrive in this beautiful area we call home and ensuring you get the very best results from the services we offer.   


For example, did you know that our blog page is free to use for all members and a great place to showcase your skills, share your knowledge and inform others about issues in your sector?


If you have an informative blog post which would be useful to other business owners or the wider community, then please send me the link so I can share it with our wide readership.  

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Enjoy better customer care and service locally. Whether you visit a store on the High Street or I-Street, our small independent enterprises survive by their reputation and repeat business, which means you get a high standard of service.

Discover what is on your doorstep, whether you are looking for a job, want to know what's happening or simply who can help.

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We want you to succeed without breaking the bank. Small independent businesses notoriously put marketing on hold as it's either too expensive or they don't have enough time. That's where we come in, we bring you a business membership with a difference.

Everyone has a story to tell, you're not like anyone else, if you are looking to give your independent business a bigger local voice then take advantage of our business membership which offers you more traffic to your online presence, increased awareness, quality referrals and a bigger voice in your local community.


We bring you ridiculously effective ways to boost your business and help to give a community flavour in Wetherby and Harrogate. Complete our online form today, with no obligation, and learn how our low cost, high value membership can make for a stronger high street.

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"If you would like to boost your business contact Handpicked Local. They have a lot to offer and great support"

Richard Clayton, Rich the Plasterer

Our area is bursting with small independent enterprises, delivering high quality services and products to the local community. Whether it's the meal on our tables or the chair we sit at to eat it.

Handpicked Wetherby is business membership brought to you by the popular local twitter networking hour, #wetherbyhour. 

All our members are SMEs and we are a proven way to gain more new business. With an audience of 2.5 million every week, we provide you with a great chance for return on investment.

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