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Wetherby woman’s tombola mission to thank charity for dad’s dementia support

A Wetherby woman’s tombola marathon will raise money for older people as a thank you for her dad’s dementia support.

Adele Fairburn plans to run tombolas at her 15 Bee Crafty Markets throughout the year to boost funds for Wetherby in Support of the Elderly (WiSE).

Wetherby woman’s tombola mission to thank charity for dad’s dementia support

The charity hosts a memory café which Adele says has been a major source of support for her dad Ron who is living with dementia.

Adele said: “My dad, Ron, has dementia, which has had a massive impact on both him and the rest of the family. He has recently started to attend the Memory Cafe at St James Church, which gets him and my mum out of the house and allows them to meet others who are in a similar situation.

“I started Bee Crafty Markets a couple of years ago and run regular monthly craft markets across Wetherby, Harrogate, Leeds and surrounding villages such as Boston Spa and Tadcaster. I have over 600 crafters from near and far who come to trade at the markets.

“I wanted to raise some money for WiSE and used the opportunity to do so at my local craft market events. I’d done a couple of tombolas in aid of Alzheimer’s UK and raised more than £200, so I decided to bring things a little closer to home. Often smaller charities are overlooked but they have a big impact on the local community. You only recognise the value of charities such as WiSE, when you need them.

“At the event, people were donating without taking part in the tombola as they thought it was such a good cause and especially as it’s local. I will be holding lots more tombolas and continuing to raise more money for WiSE at my events. Come along and support both this amazing charity and our brilliant crafters!”

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