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Wetherby Orthodontics | Feature Member

Need some advice about your child’s growing teeth? Want your teenager to have a fantastic smile? Need a smile makeover for yourself?

Wetherby Orthodontics provides a specialist branch of dentistry, one that covers the growth and development of the teeth and jaws, and the correction of any problems. These include irregular, crooked, gappy or prominent teeth.

Megan's personal promise to you "I will provide the best in customer service and clinical care. I will look after you or your child from the first visit to the last and make sure we work together to give you the best possible smile."

No waiting lists and currently booking appointments in 8-10 weeks, with availability to start treatment 8-10 weeks later.

Assessment For any advice or treatment an assessment is the first step. If you are concerned about appearance of the braces, discomfort or costs do mention it as these can be taken into account when planning your orthodontic treatment. Offering free initial video assessments, by appointment. Specialist orthodontist Megan Hatfield will discuss your problem, explain how orthodontic treatment works and show you examples of treatment, as well as outline the possible length of treatment and costs.

Children We are very happy to provide orthodontic advice to any child from about the age of 7 onwards as their teeth and jaws develop. This is important if teeth are missing or out of place or if the bite is incorrect. Some problems, for instance a reverse bite or prominent teeth (overjet) are ideally assessed before the age of 10. Occasionally teeth develop in the wrong place or can be missing and identification of these types of problems early is important.

Teens The adult teeth are usually all through by the age of 11-14 and this is the most common time for orthodontic treatment. Treatment will generally involve fixed braces for between a year and two years. Sometimes space is made by extracting adult teeth (your dentist would be asked to do this) but there are now many other options and extractions are less common than a few years ago.

Adults Orthodontic treatment of adults is becoming more frequent as more people realise that a great smile is a valuable asset which can also make you appear more youthful. You might have missed out on orthodontic treatment as a teenager or your teeth may have worsened over time. We treat most things from fairly minor irregularity to very crooked teeth. In many cases you do not need to have teeth extracted, but if you do then we can often take the teeth with the biggest fillings.

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