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Welcoming in the New Year

It's the New Year and after the excitement of the festivities, friends, family and of course, a little overindulgence, we're ready to see what 2023 has to offer us.

It's an exciting time but it can be scary too, let's face it the past few new beginnings haven't been the best and we enter 2023 with anticipation over the cost of living crisis and what new hikes will be coming our way.

The one thing we'll take from all the doom and gloom around us is that we are a resilient bunch and together we can get through anything.

A community is one of the most exciting things to take you into a New Year, so embrace your surroundings, support your local businesses and get involved.

This month's issue brings you lots of budget recipes your family will enjoy and if you are thinking of moving in 2023, don't miss our 'things to look for in a new area' article.

Here's some of our highlights.

Enter the New Year with a Walk in Wardrobe.

Many a home owner will be setting their sights on a New Year’s resolution to de-clutter and streamline their home for a more organised (and less stressful) 2023. Clever storage is often the solution, particularly that of a built-in nature. A bespoke storage solution will automatically ensure that all available living space is maximised and that it exactly suits requirements.

How to preserve herbs

Growing herbs is the first step for many people in creating a garden and growing your own food. Fresh herbs just can’t be beaten. Growing herbs is also ideal for beginners since herbs don’t require much space and grow quickly.

The path of minimalism

What does being a minimalist mean? What does it look like in practice? And how do you get started along your own path toward simplicity and minimalism?

New Year, New You

It's the New Year and that means it's time for all of us to start making resolutions. But if we're being honest with ourselves, most of those resolutions will be forgotten by February. We share some handpicked suggestions to get you started.

Budget friendly recipes for January

Don't miss our collection of handpicked budget recipes, that will keep your bank account happy throughout January.

Whether you are entering the new year with a walk-in wardrobe, or a visit to your local cinema, you'll find hints and tips galore in our January issue.

Sit back, relax and enjoy flicking through our pages.


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