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Twenty’s plenty as health workers first to join Wetherby charity’s multiplier challenge

Wetherby health workers hope to raise hundreds of pounds for older people after becoming the first to sign-up for an ingenious charity multiplier challenge.

Staff at The Wetherby Clinic will be baking, hiking and donating for Wetherby in Support of the Elderly (WiSE) as they attempt to transform a £20 pledge into lots more cash to help over 60s across the district.

Twenty’s plenty as health workers first to join Wetherby charity’s multiplier challenge

They’ve signed up for WiSE’s ’20 for 20 Accumulator Challenge’ after seeing first-hand the importance of older people’s care.

Cara Smith, director at The Wetherby Clinic, said: “We are so pleased to have signed up for the 20 for 20 challenge - and to have also chosen WiSE as our Charity of the Year. The work WiSE does is incredible - and we wanted the charity to know how much we appreciate the services it offers.

“WiSE support many of our patients through the variety of services available to people in Wetherby. The main one we observe is the transport service, allowing our patients to attend their appointments and invest in their health. Whether it’s for osteopathy, chiropody or acupuncture our services can help patients maximise their health, reduce pain or discomfort and maintain their independence.

“Adam Bridger, one of our osteopaths, is also a befriender for WiSE and has been a volunteer since 2019. He chose to support WiSE because of his interest in care of the elderly. He believes he gains so much from sharing his time with others and is delighted that he can help to put a smile on somebody’s face.

“All our staff are playing their part in the challenge, whether they’re donating clothes, baking cakes or taking part in our Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge - which is open to family members too. Our aim is to raise £1000 for WiSE– fingers crossed!”

WiSE is looking for more businesses, groups or individuals to join its 20 for 20 Accumulator Challenge. Those taking part need to pledge an initial £20 then come up with ingenious, fun and creative ways to double, treble or even quadruple that initial total.

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