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The Yorkshire Meat Company | Feature Member

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All their butchers come from the local area, so the chances are you will know someone who is preparing your meat. Working with you to understand your needs, discuss product ranges and cuts, and provide you with valuable knowledge and expert butchery, delivered when you need it.

Butchers Shop

Providing you with the best quality for the best price, to serve your family. When planning your perfect menu for your family, you deserve the best meat. Order as little or as much as you need from their Butchers Shop. Ask them for their latest price list, you will be surprised at how good to your pocket they are too.

Wholesale Catering

Yorkshire Meat Company supplies the best catering establishments throughout Yorkshire. Passionate about meat and delivering the best products and service to our customers. We specialise in quality meat and meat products for catering establishments such as hotels, restaurants, pub chains, conferencing venues, catering companies, and the education sector.

We don't cut costs on our produce, we give you great prices every day. Call to order: 01937 843086

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