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The Dawn of a New Era in Networking for Wetherby and Harrogate

In an exhilarating move towards revitalising professional networking, #wetherbyhour and #harrogatehour are set to transition from digital origins to offer free, face-to-face networking opportunities in the New Year. This marks a significant shift from the virtual world to the tangible, fostering more meaningful connections within the business community.

Previous free networking event in Harrogate

The familiar routine of tweeting via X (formerly known as Twitter) will gracefully bow out in December, making way for a series of engaging face-to-face meetings in the New Year. This transition comes from the success of our previous live networking events and the overwhelming request to bring these back. They will underline a desire to bring back the personal touch to professional networking, allowing participants to meet, interact, and build relationships in a more intimate and effective setting.

Scheduled to occur on the last Thursday (bi-monthly) from 7 pm to 9 pm, these gatherings will offer six valuable opportunities each year for local businesses and professionals to connect. What's more, these events will be free of charge (FOC) to all delegates, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

January, May, and September's networking events will be hosted in various venues across Wetherby, while March, July, and November will see us gathering in Harrogate. This alternating arrangement ensures a dynamic and diverse experience for all attendees, providing an opportunity to explore and connect within both these vibrant communities.

Previous free networking event in Harrogate

In line with this transformative approach, there will also be a significant rebranding effort. Moving away from #wetherbyhourlive and #Harrogatelive, the initiative will be known as #HandpickedNetwork from January 2024.

This change is not just in name but also in spirit. The #HandpickedNetwork is designed to offer participants the chance to carefully 'handpick' their network, fostering growth and creating a year that is truly memorable for its members.

We are offering businesses across the regions a breath of fresh air in the networking scene, promising to provide a platform where business relationships can flourish in a more relaxed, personal and dynamic environment. It's a chance to move away from the screen and into the room, shaking hands, sharing ideas, and growing together.

As we embrace this exciting new chapter, it's time to mark your calendars, prepare your business cards, and get ready to make the most of these invaluable networking opportunities. #HandpickedNetwork is not just about building a network; it's about building a community.

We will kick off 2024 at Wetherby Brew Co on Thursday 25th January (7-9pm), CLICK HERE to book your spot. Tickets will be limited for this event so don't delay!

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