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Spotlight on our Tanzanian Coffee

Grown on the Kibo estate from the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, our Tanzanian coffee carries all the typical characteristics of a quality African coffee together, with a little more body allowing it to be paired with milk to make an excellent coffee we are certain you will enjoy.

Tanzanian coffee is one of the more well-known coffees in East Africa and makes up a large part of their economy.

Our appreciation of African coffee means we always offer a selection of quality beans from the best regions. We also stock Ethiopian Coffee as both Ethiopian Sidamo whole bean and also Ethiopian Sidamo ground for filter.

For the African coffee fan who cannot make up their mind, we have your taste buds covered.

What does Tanzanian Coffee taste like?

Our specially sourced Tanzanian coffee produces a full-bodied, smooth flavour with notes of caramel and dark chocolate. It is very versatile, working in harmony with an espresso machine to make a full range of espresso-based coffees. It also perfectly compliments domestic filter options such as the drip brew methods and traditional French press.

How strong is Tanzanian Coffee?


Our 125g and 227g coffee bags are fully kerbside recyclable, once the label has been removed. We are currently in the process of testing recyclable packaging for our 500g bags and will introduce this as soon as possible.

Giving you more choice.

Whether you are an occasional coffee drinker or just can’t get enough of your daily fix, we have the right size bag of coffee for your needs. We’ve even made finding your perfect bag size easy on our website too. Just click the filters to get to exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t forget that we offer FREE shipping on orders over £15!


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