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How switching to Full Fibre is better for the environment

Most of us have a mission to look after the environment any way we can, you will be glad to know that a full fibre connection is more eco-friendly than other broadband technologies.

As the network runs on passive optical technology, it uses less power and produces less waste than copper wire networks. With fewer electrical components required for transmission, the hardware needed is smaller and easier to recycle. Even better – if you’re just replacing an old copper line with a new one made of fibre, you won’t have to dig up anything or tear down any poles. That means fewer trees being cut down, which also means fewer carbon emissions as well as lower maintenance costs.

Switching to Full Fibre will improve the way you use the internet

Full Fibre is the most advanced and reliable type of broadband, built on a fibre optic cable that carries internet directly to your door. Unlike older types of broadband, it’s not affected by distance from your local phone exchange. That means no matter where you live – whether you’re in a city or a rural village – Full Fibre can provide you with an exceptionally fast and reliable connection.

We’ve all become used to using the internet for different parts of everyday life, including video calling friends and family, sharing photos online or streaming our favourite TV shows as well as day-to-day business needs.

Switching to Full Fibre will make all these activities easier than ever before.

More speed: You’ll be able to download large files much faster than ever before.

More reliability: You’re less likely to experience delays or interruptions when making video calls in the office or with friends and family.

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