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Helping local companies prepare for a potential cyber-attack

With Cyber-attacks on the increase and in the news on an almost daily basis, it is difficult for companies to know where is best to invest and what preventative measures they need to take that will make a difference.

IT solutions company Claritas Solutions, based in Wetherby, has vast experience in supporting companies with their general IT services to supporting companies who have experienced a ransomware attack. As a business they are constantly looking at ways to give back to their community so they have partnered with Gentium UK, based in Leeds, to run a fun evening of education with ‘cyber challenge’ at their offices on Thursday 20 March, from 6-8pm in the evening.

Helping local companies prepare for a potential cyber-attack

Marketing Manager Jenny Bell explains, “People are often put off IT thinking they won’t understand it, but the potential impact to a business from a cyberattack is significant, to the point they can close businesses down. We decided to take a more light-hearted approach to raise awareness of the challenges’ companies face and working with Gentium UK, will be providing the opportunity as teams to solve a cyber problem and see some of the challenges it could pose.

We will also be using it as an opportunity to raise much needed funds for our charity partner Martin House Children’s Hospice. We would like any business in the Wetherby/Harrogate areas to join us and see if they can solve this cyber challenge, making a donation of £10 to the Hospice, which is soon to launch a massive fundraising campaign to rebuild the whole building. We can then provide practical advice on how to protect themselves from similar attacks, which are massively on the increase, so supporting them at the same time.”

Helping local companies prepare for a potential cyber-attack

Andrew Tennant, Director “Preventative measures are essential for businesses facing cybercrime because in today's digitally interconnected world, it's not a matter of if but when a cyberattack will occur. Investing in cybersecurity is not just about protecting sensitive data and financial assets; it's about safeguarding the trust and reputation of the business, maintaining operational continuity, and upholding customer confidence in an ever-changing threat landscape.”

For more details and to book, please contact Jenny Bell

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