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Grab the avocados

Vibrant green smoothies, creamy dips and even decadent desserts – you can do so much more with avocados than just chopping them into salads. Here's our handpicked selection of must try recipes.

Smashed avocado on toast with poached eggs and tomatoes

This simple avocado on toast with poached eggs and tomatoes is so tasty and can be made in under 30 minutes. The 'Energiser' is perfect for a lazy breakfast or brunch when you need a little boost. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Fish nuggets with avocado and pea dip

Whip up an easy snack or light dinner that the kids will love in just 15 minutes by making the most of clever freezer shortcuts. Swap mushy peas for a vibrant pea and avocado dip with plenty of lime, coriander and a dash of chilli for the perfect accompaniment to golden fish nuggets. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Piri piri salmon with griddled avocado

Whether you're having a romantic dinner for two or you simply want to make this just for yourself, this spicy salmon is a great dish to add to your midweek repertoire. Marinated with piri piri spices, the flaky, juicy fish is made impossibly more delicious combined with zesty pearl barley and lightly charred avocado. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Avocado and banana bread

Classic banana bread has been given a delicious makeover! Avocado lends a gorgeous creaminess to this British bake that's free from refined sugar and great for breakfast on the go or as a lunchtime treat. Top this fruity loaf with fresh Greek yogurt, a sprinkling of orange zest and a drizzling of maple syrup to make it really sing. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Avocado ice cream

Avocados aren’t just for salads or spreading on toast. With this simple, no-churn ice cream recipe you can see how their rich, creamy texture makes them perfect for a refreshing summer ice cream that takes just 20 minutes to make. GET THE RECIPE HERE


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