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Various Dates: Britain’s Got Talent’s Jack Carroll is ‘Walking Funny’ on TOUR

Fellow Yorkshire comedian, Pete Selwood will be in support.

A Young Yorkshire comedian with a disability is preparing to make the nation laugh out loud with a new comedy show. Britain’s Got Talent Jack Carroll is all set for his new show ‘Walking Funny’ where he will be performing at 17 venues including theatres, arts centers and comedy clubs across the country. Jack is teaming up with fellow comedian and best friend Pete Selwood who will be on hand as the main support act for the tour. Jack has cerebral pals and Pete has one hand. The duo bounce off one another by taking the mick out of each other and themselves, making others around them relax.

The pair will be heading to cities and towns including Blackpool, Bradford, Barnsley, Bedford, Birmingham, Chester, Halifax, Hull, Leeds, Manchester, Masham, Norwich, Sheffield, Stockton, Surrey, and Wigan.

Jack Carroll said: I am thrilled to be heading out on tour after being restricted for so long in lockdown. If I could jump, I would jump for joy, that’s how excited I am. I can’t wait to be playing some of the best venues in the country this year, and with my comedy pal Pete, lending a hand as the support. Walking Funny is full of laughs, and I’d be thrilled to see you there.”

In 2013, 14-year-old Jack Carroll took the Britain's Got Talent audience, the judges and the public by storm on the seventh series where he became overall runner up with his stand-up routine poking fun at his own disability. On walking onto the stage with the help of his infamous frame, he was asked to introduce himself to which he replied to the panel, “I’m a professional gymnast!” and gained a roaring laugh from all in the room. Since his appearance on the popular TV show, Jack has gone from strength to strength breaking the taboos around the subject of disability, refreshingly opening the conversation with his edgy humour.

People enjoy the way Jack approaches his cerebral palsy with humour ensuring the subject can be discussed openly and frankly. Jack believes in comedy, ‘a lot of the time, your weaknesses are your strengths. It’s like the elephant in the room and when you mention it, the audience can relax, and they can then enjoy the jokes. It couldn’t be explained any more accurately today. Jack speaks from a unique position and manages to deliver the message through his natural humour. Following his TV performance and his well-received first stand-up show ‘Imparied’, Jack is now touring a ‘Walking Funny’.

Jack has been very active in acting, writing and stand-up comedy ever since his appearance on Britain's Got Talent, fine-tuning his comedic skills and not only has he maintained and developed his hilarity, but he has grown in maturity, opening himself up to a far wider audience. His inimitable style of comedy demands the attention of the audience as his subject is often misunderstood in the wider world, or even avoided in fear of offending. Jack hits the subject of disability head-on in a wonderfully warm, friendly but also cutting humour, which is absorbed and appreciated by his audience to resounding laughter and applause.

Jack’s experiences have taken him to act in two series of ‘Minister of Curious Stuff’ and was in a Sky sitcom ‘Trollied’ and other shows such as ‘Big Schools’, ‘Doctors’, ‘4’oclock club’, ‘Eaten by Lions’, ‘The Dog Ate My Homework’ and ‘Sam and Marks Big Friday Windup’. He has performed with Jason Manford on the Complaints Department and has appeared on ‘Sunday Night at the Palladium’ and ‘Live at the Apollo’. Some of his latest adventures are a BBC3 pilot and an upcoming stage play in Liverpool ‘Cured’ where he plays an atheist disabled person who joins a religious group visiting Lourdes in order to get closer to a girl he’s attracted to. Watch out for that one!

Audiences will enjoy this hilarious, and hysterical evening of entertainment, experiencing the lighter side of Jack Carroll’s observations on life coping with Cerebral Palsy in the modern world. ‘Walking Funny’ is a much-needed tonic full of funny, warm, and carefree humour.

Touring Dates:

Saturday 25 June, 6pm

Thursday 21 July, 8pm

A Walk in Progress Gig - Test show

Thursday 28th July, 8pm

A Walk in Progress Gig - Test show

Sunday 30 October, 8pm

Friday 4 November, 7.30pm

Saturday 5 November, 7.30pm

Monday 7 November, 7pm

Thursday 10 November, 7.30pm

Friday 11 November, 7.30pm

Saturday 12 November, 7.30pm

Sunday 13 November, 7.30pm

Thursday 17 November, 7.30pm

Thursday 12 January, 8pm

Sunday 15 January, 7.30pm

Walking Funny

Friday 27 January, 7.30pm

Saturday 28 January, 8pm


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