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Wetherby welcomes The 'Oss!

Wetherby Racecourse and Conference Centre is delighted to be showcasing this amazing metal sculpture within their Parade Ring this season.

The Oss, standing at over 15 feet tall and weighing over 1/2 tonne, has been designed and crafted by Selby-based artist Ollie Holman, who first started making metal sculptures at the age of 13.

The Oss is made entirely from used horseshoes in their original form, and is Ollie’s second rearing horse sculpture, the first being ‘stabled’ at Cheltenham Racecourse.

The Wetherby Oss is sadly not ours permanently, we have temporary custody whilst Ollie seeks a new owner. The sculpture is for sale (POA to

In the meantime however we will enjoy this fantastic piece of art whilst we have him in our care and hope visitors to the Racecourse will also enjoy him and marvel at what Ollie has created from a simple throwaway horseshoe.

Ollie has a portfolio of work that includes metal wall sculpture and smaller interior pieces as well as outdoor pieces, large and small.

Ollie’s website includes beautiful imagery of his other designs and creations and some fascinating video’s of the ‘Oss in creation, check it out HERE


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