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Summer Foods for Every Weather Condition

As the sun soars and daylight stretches late into the evening, there's nothing quite like indulging in the quintessential flavours of summer. But weather is notoriously unpredictable, even in the summer months, and what we crave to eat can often be influenced by the atmospheric conditions around us. Yet, no matter what the weather, there are always delicious dishes that can transport us to that summer state of mind. Let's explore some wonderful Let's explore some wonderful summer foods, perfectly curated for every weather condition.

Hot and Sunny Weather

Under the scorching summer sun, nothing feels quite as refreshing as light, water-rich, and cool foods.


Fruits and Salads: Think watermelon, cucumbers, and citrus fruits which help in staying hydrated and are packed with essential vitamins. A Greek salad with ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumber, and salty feta, or a fruit salad featuring a melange of fresh summer fruits can be incredibly satisfying. Try one of these 10 chicken salad recipes perfect for summer.

Grilled fish

Grilled Seafood and Vegetables: Grilling is synonymous with summer. Light and healthy, seafood can make a perfect meal on a hot summer day. Likewise, grilled vegetables, like courgettes, bell peppers, and aubergine, provide a nutritious, light option. Click here to learn how to BBQ a fish.

Homemade ice lollies

Ice Cream and Frozen Treats: No hot and sunny day is complete without a refreshing frozen treat. Homemade lollies with real fruit juice, smoothie bowls, or traditional ice cream are sure to bring respite from the heat. How about a blackberry and lemon cheesecake ice cream? Get the recipe here.

Overcast and Cloudy Weather

Even in summer, we encounter days that are a bit cooler with overcast skies. The food for such weather should be comforting yet still evoke a summer feel.


Soup and Stews: A summer minestrone loaded with seasonal vegetables or a light, tangy, and comforting tomato basil soup can be perfect for these days. Why not try one of these 10 sumptuous soups.

Grain Bowls: Whole grains provide sustenance on cooler days. A quinoa salad with plenty of fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, and perhaps some grilled chicken provides a hearty yet refreshing meal. How about this sweetcorn and her grain bowl

Fruit tart

Baked Goods: Summer fruit tarts or a blueberry lemon loaf can brighten up any cloudy day, offering a sweet reminder of the season. Try these mini fruit tarts.

Rainy and Windy Weather

Rainy and windy days call for food that brings warmth and comfort.


Warm Casseroles: Consider dishes like a ratatouille made with summer vegetables or a baked pasta with a light tomato and basil sauce. They are warming but still make the most of the summer produce. How about this summer vegetable and sausage casserole.

Hot Drinks: Chilled lemonade might not work here, but hot herbal teas or a cup of hot chocolate can bring comfort on such days.

fruit pudding

Comfort Desserts: A warm blackberry cobbler or a peach crumble served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream can cheer up any dreary rainy day. Try this peach and raspberry crumble

The joy of summer foods is that they can be adapted to suit all types of weather. Remember, it's all about using the freshest ingredients that the season has to offer. So, enjoy your summer, no matter the weather, with these delightful food suggestions that bring a piece of sunshine onto your plate.

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