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Not so traditional Christmas fusion desserts

Eat, drink and be merry! Well with these handpicked Christmas fusion desserts, we have that one covered and not a Christmas Pudding in sight...

Dip your spoon into the rich layer of mixed berries and discover the gorgeously creamy panna cotta hiding beneath. Spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon and zesty orange, this Christmas dessert is a delicious festive treat that your guests will love.

Feast your eyes on this spectacular boozy pud, layered with Aperol-soaked sponge, silky custard, seasonal clementines, prosecco jelly and pillowy cream. You can also make it alcohol-free - simply swap out the Aperol for fresh clementine juice and the prosecco for sparkling white grape juice.

The inspiration for this key lime pie is the classic partnership of gin and lime; chocolate and lime is another great pairing – think of chocolate lime sweets. If you choose chocolate biscuits for the base, don’t be tempted to skip the lime cordial glaze or the chocolate flavour will overwhelm the filling. If you want to use more gin for the glaze, increase the gelatine to 4 leaves.

If you want to make these puddings in advance, they freeze beautifully, and after defrosting should be re-heated as below.

Inspired by their travels in Eastern Europe the Hairy Bikers give cheesecake a Polish twist with vodka infused strawberries.

Transform mini chocolate chip panettones into a showstopping Christmas dessert with this easy no-bake recipe. Layer up with cream sherry, marmalade and whipped cream before finishing with clementine zest and icing sugar.

Doughnuts are special occasion food, celebration food for carnivals and high holidays. It is rich, over the top, throw away the rulebook food, something to look forward to having once a year, and yearn and pine for it the rest of the time. For these doughnuts, it's best to start a day in advance.


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