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Festive Cheer

Whether you’re after a classic espresso martini or you’d like a warming tipple to enjoy by the fire, our handpicked selection of cocktails and drinks recipes are a great start to getting the festivities started.

Give the classic espresso martini a luscious twist by adding Irish cream - a cocktail recipe that's perfect for enjoying with friends.

It doesn't get much simpler than this clementine, cranberry, vodka cocktail. The combination of the sweet citrus flavour of the clementines and the tartness of cranberry is perfect for a festive occasion or any cocktail party.

Cloves, vanilla, cardamom and an array of other spices all star in this fragrant vodka that's perfect for gifting this festive season.

Try this baby pink celebratory drink as an alternative to Bucks Fizz on Christmas morning or to help see in the New Year. Fresh and bright, it's also a perfect brunch accompaniment. We've used Tesco Finest The Melodist London dry gin, which won IWSC Silver and Olive magazine Best Own Brand Gin.

Whether you’re raising a glass with friends in early December or with family on Christmas Eve, nothing says ‘celebration’ like Champagne. Sip it straight or enjoy in our recipe for a classic cocktail with a seasonal twist.

Curl up on the sofa with a cup of boozy coconut hot chocolate with this easy recipe. Using coconut milk, whipped coconut cream, warming cinnamon and spiced rum, it's the perfect autumnal drink.


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