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Delicious and Easy: Handpicked Prawn Recipes for Seafood Lovers

From a humble prawn sandwich to a retro prawn cocktail, this simple seafood is endlessly popular. Search these handpicked prawn recipes to find a new favourite.

A light lunch perfect for al fresco dining, this watercress and prawn risotto is ready in just 20 minutes. A member of the mustard family, the fresh, peppery taste of watercress perfectly compliments the creamy lemon risotto and jumbo king prawns. Add some grated Grana Padano to bring the dish together and for a real taste sensation!

This take on the classic Caesar salad makes the most of frozen prawns and decadent pancetta rashers.

This easy prawn curry recipe takes just 25 minutes to bring to the table for a speedy midweek meal. The king prawns cook briefly until perfectly tender in the creamy coconut and tomato broth with a hit of jalfrezi spice - serve with rice or naan bread.

Fancy a flavour-packed yet quick-to-create midweek meal? Simply pull out your pan and whip up this delicious dinner for two, which combines more-ish chorizo and juicy prawns with rich tomatoes, spring onions and fluffy rice.

A tapas classic, pan-fried prawns are quick, easy and bursting with flavours of the Mediterranean. Known traditionally as 'gambas', a drizzling of fiery garlic butter brings this dish together. Best served with crusty bread to mop up any delicious, leftover juices.


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