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Choosing the right make-up brushes

Have you ever looked at the sheer range of make-up brushes in the store and wondered how on earth to choose the right one? Having the right brushes is important and makes a huge difference to the final look of your make-up application. For example, the shape of the bristles, their length and diameter, will all affect the way in which the make-up product is distributed on your skin.

1. Class

The quality of your brush matters. Brushes made from high-quality materials will last longer, and produce a flawless make-up look. Considering the quality of the brush, look at the bristles, they should be soft and shouldn’t feel frayed or look ragged. The bristles should be held in place securely so that they cannot shed.

There are 4 C’s that you need to consider when purchasing a make-up brush.

2. Characteristics

Choose a brush shape and size most suited to the application you wish to use it for. For example, a blusher brush should be large, with dense, soft bristles, and ideally angled so that you can get an accurate application. An eyeliner brush would need to be small and fine. The length of the handle is a personal choice, but if you do plan to travel with your brushes short-handled brushes or mini travel-size brushes can be very useful. Metal ferrules tend to be ideal for all brushes as they hold the bristles more securely. It is also worth considering the type of bristles. There are many brushes on the market which are constructed of synthetic bristles and these tend to be a good choice particularly if you have allergies to animal fur. Synthetic brushes also tend to be easier to clean.

3. Cost

Although it is tempting to believe that the most expensive brushes are the best choice, there are plenty of excellent quality brushes available at low to medium price points. Instead of relying on the price tag, inspect the brushes carefully in line with the guidance given above at one and two.

4. Care

It is important to look at your brushes to ensure that they last the maximum length of time. If you have chosen synthetic brushes, simply wash the bristles in mild soapy water, lay the damp brushes flat on a dry towel with the bristles in the correct direction and neatly arranged them to retain the shape of the brush. Allow them to air dry. Handles should never be submerged in water as this can cause the bristles to become loose and fall out. If you have chosen animal hair makeup brushes, most can be cleaned with baby shampoo and dried as above, but you should be guided by the care instructions which came with your brushes.


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