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Choosing fabric for your home furnishings

Fabric is an essential component of home furnishings, adding texture, colour, and style to your living space. From curtains to upholstery, the right fabric can transform your home and create a cohesive look that reflects your personal style.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric for your home furnishings can be a daunting task, but there are a few things to consider that can help make the decision easier. First, consider the function of the room. For example, if you have kids or pets, you may want to choose a durable and stain-resistant fabric for your upholstery.

Next, consider the style of your home decor. If you have a traditional or classic style, you may want to opt for a natural fabric like cotton or linen, while if you have a modern or contemporary style, you may want to choose a more textured fabric like velvet or silk.

If you have already chosen a fabric but haven’t bought it yet, it's important to note that we can supply fabric for you even if it’s from a company that isn’t in the list. Just ask us! We work with a variety of fabric suppliers and can source the fabric you need to complete your home furnishings project.

Choosing the right fabric for your home furnishings is an important decision that can impact the look and feel of your home. By considering the function of the room, your home decor style, and the different types of fabrics available, you can choose the perfect fabric to create a cohesive and stylish living space. And don't forget, if you need help sourcing fabric, we're here to help!

Whether you are looking for coordinated or stand-out cushions, get in touch.


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