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5 Ways To Keep Your Home Clear Of Clutter

An ever-growing collection of clutter is often an obstacle to creating a functional and visually appealing home. As the years go by, the number of possessions we own mounts up and finding somewhere to store them becomes increasingly harder. Never more so as autumn arrives and we start to unpack the thick winter coats and cosy accessories, not to mention the start of the Christmas build-up and the extra shopping the season entails.

Lack of floor space caused by clutter is a safety hazard and an untidy room makes it hard to relax, so with storage space at a premium for most of us, how do you create and maintain a harmonious and organised home? Let’s take a look…

A Tidy Entrance

With the unpredictability of the great British weather, many of us prefer to keep items such as wellies, umbrellas and waterproofs within easy reach during autumn and winter.

However, bulky items can make for an unsightly entrance to your home. Your porch and hallway are likely to offer the first glimpses of your home interior to any visitors, and more than likely you won’t want piles of sodden raincoats and muddy boots to be their lasting first impression.

Furthermore, hallways and porches aren’t generally over-generous in the space department, so they can get easily jammed up with clutter, at the same time losing their overall sense of style. The solution? Clever storage which fits a treat without taking up too much floor space.

For instance, an open shelving unit with space to hang coats, keep shoes tidy and store winter accessories will use more wall space than floor space. Not only will it be functional, but the addition of storage trunks and lidded baskets, all accessorised with a couple of seasonal plants, will create an inviting space. The area under your stairs, if not already utilised, could also provide you with extra storage capacity. Box it in to create a deceptively spacious cupboard where essentials can be kept out of the way.

Hidden and Homely

The living room is the last place we want to look overwhelmed with clutter. This is where we relax on an evening and often where we entertain visitors. Thus, the ideal scenario is for the living room to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing rooms in the home.

Organisation is key to keeping your living room clear of clutter. Hidden storage means you can keep items close at hand without sacrificing style. Dual-functioning furniture like footstools and coffee tables can provide you with concealed storage to hide away items such as TV remotes and magazines. A window seat will offer you an appealing spot to sit, as well as provide a place to store away larger items like laptops, slippers, throws and toys.

Bulky Bedding and Bedtime Essentials

As the weather gets colder, our bedrooms can become crowded with clutter too. The extra bedding and other winter-friendly items like dressing gowns and hot water bottles all come out of hiding and need to be within easy reach for chilly nights. A blanket box placed at the foot of your bed or underneath your window will provide you with space to store bulky extra bedding and electric blankets. You can also consider investing in fitted furniture, which will save space with its inherent streamlined design and create exactly the storage solutions you require.

Revisit Your Garage and Attic

Garages and attics are often used as dumping grounds for items we may need, but rarely (if ever) use. Out of sight is out of mind, so things like garden equipment, decorating materials, old furniture and toys are often stored away in these spaces for years without being revisited.

Now is the ideal time to have a realistic sort-through of any items that have accumulated over the years. Discard, donate or sell anything and everything you are unlikely to need, and then evaluate your storage options. Wall shelving will give you generous garage storage without taking up too much floor space. Organise with labelled boxes for quick and easy access. Attics with sloping ceilings are best served with bespoke fitted furniture to maximise all available space.

Multifunctional Magic

One of the best ways to create additional space is to give lesser-used rooms an additional purpose. Multifunctional furniture like beds with under-mattress storage fitted cabinets with pull-out desks and wardrobes housing fold-down beds are all useful space-saving solutions that will add flexibility and make your study, box room, or guest bedroom work that much harder.

Whilst the primary function of these rooms will remain the same, the extra space generated will create a tidier, calmer and more appealing aesthetic.

Making the best use of your living space is what we do at Hartleys, with our fitted furniture ranges for bedrooms, home studies, lounges and multi-purpose rooms. Whatever the dimensions of your room, we’ll design a stylish, streamlined storage solution, tailor-made to suit you and your space. You can see us online at or visit our Skipton factory/showroom.


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