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Santa's Magical Journey through Wetherby with Wetherby Lions!

The holiday season is upon us and, as always, it promises to be filled with cheer, joy, and magic!

This year, the streets of Wetherby will be echoing with the jingles of a very special sleigh. Santa Claus himself, in collaboration with Wetherby Lions, is embarking on a heartwarming journey to visit the town's residents, bringing festive happiness to every doorstep.

Santa's Magical Journey through Wetherby with Wetherby Lions!

Starting on Monday, 4th December 2023, Santa will take a tour through Wetherby, riding the Wetherby Lions' recently refurbished sleigh. It's a dazzling piece of craftsmanship that promises to light up the streets and celebrate the Christmas spirit in the heart of every beholder.

Children all around are eagerly anticipating Santa's arrival, hoping to catch a glimpse of him, share a word or two, and hand him their carefully crafted 'wish list' letters. Santa expressed his eagerness, stating, "I look forward to seeing all the children and receiving their super ‘wish list’ letters; I hope there will be time to make all the toys!"

To make sure you don't miss out on this magical experience, keep an eye out for when Santa will be touring your area. For a detailed route plan, click here and you can even follow him nightly here to get live updates of his whereabouts, click here.

Santa's Magical Journey through Wetherby with Wetherby Lions!

But that's not all! Santa's diligent Elves will also be accompanying him. These spirited helpers will come knocking on your door to let you know when Santa is nearby. They'll be bringing joy, a few jingles, and the classic Christmas spirit to your street.

In the true spirit of giving, while Santa and his elves spread joy, they also hope to gather support for a noble cause. The Elves will be collecting donations on their nightly rounds. These funds will go a long way in making someone's festive season brighter. If you wish, you can extend your generosity by handing them a donation when they visit. But for those who prefer online transactions, fret not! You can make your contributions via the Wetherby Lions’ donation page here.

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