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Ruby red and full of flavour

Ruby red, plump cherries are at their seasonal best during summer months. Why not celebrate this rich, sweet fruit, with our handpicked cherry recipes?

Enjoy a homemade sweet treat with no need to turn on the oven with this easy chocolate tiffin recipe. Fresh juicy cherries and creamy milk chocolate are a classic combination that, along with crisp crushed ginger nut biscuits, proves irresistible in this rich traybake. Decorated with whole cherries for the perfect finishing touch, this is ideal for bringing out at the end of a picnic.

Summer treats don't get much more luxurious than this deliciously creamy ice cream. Combining sweet cherries with zingy lime, ice cream and an optional glug of rich cherry brandy, it is the ultimate grown-up dessert.

Spruce up your boring salads with this sweet and juicy cherry, goat's cheese and fennel salad.

These cherry pie bars combine buttery, zesty shortbread, with a sweet, yogurt-based, cherry-packed filling. Perfect as an afternoon snack or a treat in your lunchbox, these tasty bars are great for using up a glut of fruit.

For the ultimate nostalgia trip, this cherry and chocolate fudge ice cream sundae is sure to please. There is no better dessert to serve this summer and you can always add a splash of Amaretto for a grown-up treat.


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