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Smoothie does it

Zesty smoothies full of fresh fruit and vegetables for more than your 5-a-day, give our handpicked selection of the best smoothie and juice recipes a go.

Kiwi, mint and pineapple

Zingy and wonderfully vibrant, this smoothie makes the best of seasonal kiwi and is perfect for brightening up cold winter mornings. Give this simple smoothie recipe a go, it's super easy and takes a matter of minutes.

Lime and mango smoothie

Brighten up your morning with a tropical smoothie, made using the season's best mangoes, zingy lime and warming ginger. Add creamy Greek-style yogurt and fresh mint for a smoothie that's guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Kale Mary

You'll worship this tasty juice, as not only does it takes no time at all to whiz up, but it’s super healthy too. We've reinvented the Bloody Mary and created this alcohol-free version with the addition of kale, making it healthy and delicious.

Mojito magic

This cool summer drink takes the gorgeous flavours of a classic mojito, but turns them into a deliciously refreshing juice. With added apple and cucumber along with the traditional lime and mint, this recipe makes a fresh, alcohol-free mocktail.

Avocado, lime and spinach smoothie

Kickstart your morning with this super green smoothie. Bursting with flavour and nutrients, it's packed with creamy avocado, zesty lime and leafy spinach and couldn't be easier to make.


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