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Neighbourhood Watch 2022 Crime & Community Survey Launched

Neighbourhood Watch is delighted to invite you to take part in its annual Crime and Community survey. The survey is in its third year running, and they want to hear your views on crime, community, and your experience of Neighbourhood Watch. The survey is open to everyone across England and Wales, regardless of whether you are a Neighbourhood Watch member or not.

All responses will be anonymised and aggregated, and everyone who completes the 5 – 10 minute survey can choose to opt-in to a prize draw to win one of four £25 Amazon vouchers.

The results will enable Neighbourhood Watch as a charity to better understand crime and fear of crime, benchmark whether membership in a Neighbourhood Watch scheme or living in a Neighbourhood Watch area impacts crime levels, neighbourliness, and the willingness of communities to work together. This information is vitally important to ensure they can better target our work to meet your crime and community needs and concerns.

Last year the survey received 16,000 responses from across England and Wales, providing rich and useful data. This year they will be able to compare our data to the last two year’s results and share findings with you.

Please complete the survey and share it via email and social with all the various communities you belong to, whether they be a Neighbourhood Watch community or other such as sport, religious or work community. This will help to receive a good balance of responses from members and non-members, enabling a comparison of experiences between these two groups.

The survey closes on 26th October 2022.


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