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Easy Mother's Day recipes

Make Mother's Day extra special this year by treating your mum to a feast of delicious (yet simple-to-make) treats. From a relaxing breakfast or brunch to easy Mother's Day lunch ideas and gorgeous sweet bakes, we've got all the recipes you need.

Make Mother's Day extra-special this year. These raspberry scones are made with pink lemonade for a fabulously fluffy texture. Serve with jam and a generous dollop of cream for a sweet treat mum will love.

This is a traditional, simple sponge cake lightly flavoured with Earl Grey tea and orange – the cake version of marmalade on toast and a cuppa! An easy cake to make with children: get them to help with measuring, cracking eggs and stirring.

A classic roast chicken recipe is a must for Sunday lunch. Succulent and crisp, the trick is getting the meat to stay tender yet with beautiful golden skin on the outside. Follow our easy roast chicken recipe for perfect meat every time and a delicious gravy to serve it with, too.

Unlike regular pancakes, this Dutch baby is oven cooked. We likes ours topped with smoked salmon, slices of avocado and fried eggs. Finish with a drizzle of hot sauce and a squeeze of lime juice. This brekky is sure to make those lazy weekend mornings even better.

Whether for a special occasion, afternoon tea or simple baking project to keep the kids busy in the school holidays, these easy lemon cupcakes are a classic recipe worth trying. Light and fluffy lemon cakes are topped with a swirl of zesty lemon buttercream for a double citrus hit.

With crispy prosciutto and lots of greens, this risotto primavera is sure to impress. Unlike normal risotto recipes, this one is baked, which means less time stirring!


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