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Crowdfunding goal to secure new wheelchair minibus is underway

Open Country, a Yorkshire-based disability charity, is excited to announce its ambitious goal of securing the required funding by Christmas 2023 for its new wheelchair minibus by Xmas 2023. This new minibus will play a pivotal role in enhancing the organisation's ability to continue its mission of fostering outdoor experiences and social inclusion for individuals with disabilities. These activities provide a unique opportunity for people with disabilities to engage in outdoor experiences that they might otherwise miss out on.

Open Country, a Yorkshire-based disability charity

The importance of Open Country's work extends beyond the activities themselves. Being unable to enjoy outdoor activities can lead to social isolation, which in turn can negatively impact mental health. Open Country's initiatives not only offer a chance to enjoy fresh air and nature but also provide a platform for socialising and forming friendships among members.

Hannah Cockroft OBE, a Yorkshire-born Paralympic champion

Hannah Cockroft OBE, a Yorkshire-born Paralympic champion, is a supporter of Open Country. She emphasizes the significance of experiencing Yorkshire's beautiful outdoor spaces and the role that Open Country plays in making these spaces accessible to everyone, particularly those for whom transportation is a significant obstacle. Hannah said “'Yorkshire has incredible outdoor spaces that everyone should have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy. Open Country are ensuring that Yorkshire's beauty really can be explored by everyone, by making those activities accessible. For many people though, transport is the biggest barrier to accessing these areas and Open Country removes that by providing travel and activities. Any money raised can help these days go ahead and help everyone in Yorkshire have equal access to everything that our County has to offer'.

Open Country, a Yorkshire-based disability charity

All Open Country's minibuses are equipped with adaptations that make them wheelchair accessible, including a wheelchair tail lift. The minibuses also have removable seats to transport tandem and tools for their weekly tandem and conservation clubs. The total cost of the new minibus, along with the necessary adaptations, is estimated to be £57,595.

David Shaftoe, Chief Officer of Open Country, says, "Thank you in advance for supporting us. We really appreciate your generosity and dedication to our cause. Your contributions play a vital role in our ongoing mission to make the great outdoors available to all, particularly those in our community living with disabilities. Your kindness and support serve as a great inspiration to us, and we are truly grateful for your commitment to fostering social connections and enabling outdoor experiences. Together, we are creating a meaningful impact, ensuring no one is excluded. We extend our heartfelt thanks for joining us on this journey and embracing our vision of inclusivity and joy”.

If you're interested in supporting Open Country's cause and helping them raise the necessary funds, you can visit their Crowdfunding page www.crowdfunding/opencountryminibus or contact Netty Newell or Tel 01423 507227

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