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Baking the Love with Christmas Biscuits

As the festive season approaches, the aroma of baking biscuits fills homes, bringing warmth and joy. Christmas is a time for family, tradition, and, of course, delicious treats. In this spirit, we bring you an array of Christmas biscuit recipes that are perfect for family baking.

These handpicked recipes are not just about baking the biscuits themselves; they are about creating memories, sharing love, and enjoying the festive spirit together.

red velvet santa hat cookies

Give Father Christmas a warm welcome this Christmas by leaving out a few of these jolly red velvet Santa hat cookies. Little helpers can get involved dipping the red velvet cookies into melted white chocolate to achieve that classic hat trim. Some left once Santa has departed? They make fabulous edible Christmas gifts, too.

christmas sugar cookies

Little ones will love helping to make these pretty iced sugar cookies. Cut out festive shapes from the simple dough, bake and ice with celebratory colours. Remember to add a small hole before baking if you want to hang these delicious decorations on the tree.

Christmas cookie letters

It's lovely to give and receive gifts made by hand – and even better when you can eat them! Bake a batch of these creative Christmas biscuits to pack into jars and share with loved ones.

DIY decorated reindeer biscuits

Get the kids in the festive spirit with these DIY (decorate it yourself) biscuits! Transform ready-made gingerbread men into reindeer, then decorate with icing and glacé cherries for a red noses.

Iced christmas tree biscuits

Everyone loves a Christmassy biscuit and it would be hard to find a more fun, festive bake than these oh-so-cute Christmas trees. The biscuit is flavoured with delicate spices and vanilla and topped with icing, sweets and treats. Let the fun begin!

Bakewell wreaths

Edible gifts are a surefire pleaser at Christmas, and these bakewell wreaths are no different, with the classic British bake made into bitesized delights. This recipe makes big batches for pennies so it's easier on your wallet too, so sharing the love this Christmas will be a breeze.

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