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Are Cappuccinos and Lattes the Same?

For many coffee enthusiasts, deciphering the differences between popular espresso-based cappuccinos and lattes can be a perplexing task.

While sharing some similarities, understanding the distinctions between these two classic favourites is key to discovering your perfect cup of coffee.

So what are the characteristics and subtle differences of cappuccinos and lattes?

Cappuccino Coffee


Cappuccinos are known for their harmonious blend of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. Espresso provides a strong and robust base, while steamed milk adds creaminess. The velvety milk foam crowns the top, imparting a luxurious texture.

Latte Coffee


Lattes, on the other hand, offer a slightly different composition. These cater to those seeking a smoother and creamier coffee experience. Unlike cappuccinos, lattes have a thin layer of milk foam on top, allowing the espresso and milk to combine seamlessly.

The Distinctions in Preparation

The preparation methods for cappuccinos and lattes further highlight their disparities. When crafting a cappuccino, baristas usually pour the espresso shot first, followed by equal parts of steamed milk and milk foam, resulting in distinct layers. The layers ensure that each sip is a delightful blend of espresso, creamy milk, and airy foam.

Lattes, follow a different sequence. Baristas start with the espresso shot and then pour steamed milk over it, creating a more integrated mixture. The absence of distinct layers in lattes allows for a smoother, unified taste throughout the beverage.

Peruvian and Cafe Bar Coffee from Dancing Goat Coffee

Choosing Your Perfect Coffee Roast

The decision between a cappuccino and a latte ultimately comes down to personal preference and desired flavour profile.

If you appreciate a well-defined balance between espresso, milk, and foam, a cappuccino is an excellent choice. Its distinct layers provide a visually appealing presentation and a unique sensory experience.

Try our Cafe Bar blend is inspired by the northern Italian cafe culture. This blend is made from a majority of Brazilian Arabica blended with a hint of Robusta. Giving the perfect transition when paired with milk, creating an authentic Italian-tasting coffee.

Prefer your coffee creamier? The more indulgent coffee with a seamless integration of flavours, is a latte. Its higher proportion of steamed milk creates a silky texture, allowing the espresso to blend harmoniously.

Try our Peruvian coffee. Our fair-trade, single-origin organic coffee, grown on the slopes of Peru’s Northern Andes mountains. 100% arabica, the beans make for a medium-bodied cup and balanced acidity.

What’s your favourite, Cappuccino or Latte?

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