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5 ways to cut the cost of a renovation project

With Hartleys

It’s difficult to escape discussions about money at the moment. The cost of living is increasing, and whether you’re looking at Ukraine, high fuel prices or supply and demand in the labour market, the knock-on effect on the cost of goods and services is irrefutable. Home improvements are costly affairs at the best of times, so if you’re about to embark on a renovation project, you’ll want to be extra careful about keeping the costs down. In this blog, we’re sharing a few ideas which might make your home renovation budget go a little bit further.

Evaluate and Plan

It goes without saying that the bigger the project, the higher the cost will be. Before committing to a renovation project, think about your reasons for wanting to do so.

Ambitious projects which require planning permission will undoubtedly be the most expensive so it’s wise to explore all feasible options.

Can an open plan living space be created by removing internal walls rather than going all out with an extension? Can your goal be achieved simply by altering the layout and switching rooms around? Maybe a redundant area or rarely used room could be repurposed to free up space somewhere else.

Once you’ve made the decision to go ahead with your project, make sure you give yourself time to plan ahead. Potential mistakes and oversights could prove surprisingly costly to rectify, so account for all required changes and eventualities in your budget. Plan every aspect from window placement and fitted furniture to light switches and sockets.

Get Stuck In

For bigger renovation projects, most of us are unlikely to possess the relevant experience and expertise required to carry out all the work ourselves. However, there may be some aspects of your project which are relatively simple to carry out, yet pricey to outsource. Many hands make light work, so get stuck in and do some of the manual stuff yourself if you are able to. Jobs such as decorating and landscaping are easy enough to learn if you follow how-to guides online.

YouTube is a hub of home improvement guides and you’re bound to find simple instructional videos to guide you through the basics. Hourly rates for contractors soon mount up so the more you can do yourself, the lower your bill will be.

Tolerate and Accommodate

Renovations can cause major disruptions not just to your home but to everyday life. The cost of major projects skyrockets if you choose to find alternative accommodation whilst the work is being carried out. If possible, try to stay at home rather than pay out for a temporary home, and find ways to adapt. If you’re taking on some of the work yourself, it makes sense to remain on site anyway so you can forge ahead outside of normal working hours.

Mess can be incredibly frustrating but there are things you can do to minimise it such as sealing doorways with plastic sheeting to reduce the dust. If noise is a problem, consider reworking your rooms so the places in which you need to work or sleep are farthest away from the renovation site.

Sell and Salvage

Whatever the size of your renovation, it’s worth trying to sell any items or materials you no longer need to lighten the financial burden. Facebook marketplace is a great place to advertise items and there are local selling groups for most areas. Not only will you recoup some funds, but you may also avoid the expense of hiring a skip or using landfill. Fitted cabinets and old bathroom suites can be sold if removed carefully. Scrap metal can get good prices from merchants, and soil, paving slabs and old decking may be snapped up. You can also save money by searching online groups for items you need.

Unwanted furniture is available online in abundance and you can save a small fortune by upcycling pre-loved pieces instead of buying new. There’s an element of joy to be had in transforming a tired old piece of furniture into a unique statement piece.

Shop Around

Some things, of course, cannot be bought second hand. That doesn’t mean, however, that savings can’t be made. If time is on your side, wait for the sales before making necessary purchases – chances are you’ll save a fair amount on more expensive items like bathroom suites and kitchen cabinets.

There’s nothing to say you need to part with vast sums to guarantee high quality or style either. The simplest units and furniture items can be given a stylish uplift with striking worktops or glitzy handles. Needless to say it’s best practice to shop around when choosing builders and renovators – the general recommendation is to gain at least three quotes before committing.

At Hartleys we’re often involved in creating fitted furniture designs for renovations, as well as for new builds. We offer a one-stop shop service from design and manufacture, through to delivery and installation, making the project seamless from start to finish.

Whether you’re converting your attic, redesigning your bedroom or transforming a spare room into a home-office, our designs will maximise your space, providing the storage solutions you need for a stylish and functional home. Beams, alcoves, sloping ceilings and the like will be embraced into the design for a sleek and streamlined finish.

If you’d like to speak with one of our creative design team about an up and coming project, we’d love to hear from you. Please see our contact page for more details.


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