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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

The enchanting world of Michael Rosen's cherished children's story, "We’re Going on a Bear Hunt", will be brought to vibrant life across the City of Leeds from 1st July to 9th September. Introducing the "Leeds Bear Hunt", a captivating free public art trail that will immerse residents and visitors in a whimsical journey of discovery.

Bear Hunt in Leeds City Centre

Starting from 1st July 2023, the city's streets and parks will play host to 35 mesmerising giant Bear sculptures and an additional 50 playful Bear Cubs. These bears will not only spotlight the iconic landmarks of Leeds but will also draw attention to its hidden treasures, all the while fostering a deeper connection with local communities.

A Journey for All Ages

The trail promises to be a delightful experience for families, offering a unique opportunity to uncover the tales of each Bear. Designed by a mix of local, national, and international artists, illustrators, and designers, each Bear shares a unique narrative, accentuated by the sponsorship from businesses or individuals.

Bear Hunt in Leeds City Centre

Visitors are warmly invited to delve deeper into the bear-themed escapade by visiting the Bear Cave located in Trinity Leeds, adjacent to Boots. This special enclave will be stocked with maps, exclusive merchandise, and an array of bear-inspired novelties.

Moreover, in a bid to make a significant impact on the community, all profits from the Bear Cave will directly benefit the Leeds Hospitals Charity. These contributions are aimed at enhancing the lives of the hospital's youngest patients. Patrons can support the cause by purchasing a book or adopting a plush woodland companion.

Bear Hunt in Leeds City Centre

Celebrating Leeds and its Talents

The Leeds Bear Hunt is more than just an art trail. It serves as a grand stage to spotlight the diverse and impressive talents of artists while promoting communal well-being, and unity amongst businesses and the community. This initiative is not only set to elevate Leeds as a premier destination for leisure, work, and play but also to sprinkle joy, colour, and creativity throughout its streets and spaces.

All are encouraged to partake in this extraordinary trail, embracing the magic of storytelling and the collective spirit of Leeds.

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