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Spring is here

Are you looking for a special gift for Mother’s Day?

Perhaps a bunch of flowers that last all year round or a beautiful handmade card?

Maybe one of our fabulous trugs full of goodies and treats in your mum’s favourite colour?

Now that Spring is in the air there are other ways that we can help you show that you care and spread a little happiness……and we don’t just mean humans!

A new addition to our habitat range is our Wren Box. Our new Wren boxes are handcrafted and come in lots of bright colours for the discerning wren as it will soon be nesting season. Hang or mount the wren box 5 to 10 feet high in either a tree or near a shrub out of reach of cats. Do not place the box in an open space as wrens prefer to be in a bush or hedge. Make sure your wren box faces away from the wind.

Keep an eye out for new and old favourites at our upcoming stalls:

  • Little Bird Artisan Market in Harrogate on Sunday 2nd April

  • Spring Food, Home and Garden Fair at Ripon Cathedral on Saturday 15th April

  • Little Bird Artisan Market in Ripon on Sunday 23rd April

  • Coffee Morning in Sharow Village Hall on Saturday 29th April

Along with products, we have an exciting new course that has started on food hygiene and healthy eating. The workers participating in this course had this to say “We are learning about different diets like gluten-free diets and how to have a healthy diet. Emma researched different types of vitamins, what they are good for and what foods they are in. Vitamin C helps prevent infection, helps with better vision, and keeps your skin healthy. Matthew looked at proteins and Martin researched the role of fats in our bodies. Next week Jessica and Thomas will research carbohydrates and fibre.

We have learnt about personal, kitchen and food hygiene. We learnt how best to store food and looked at possible hazards in the kitchen. The course is fun; we have quizzes and short films to help us learn. When our extension is finished, we will be able to start cooking healthy lunches and snacks. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning about food labelling, a healthy balanced diet and researching healthy recipes. By the end of the course, we will have produced a booklet for our kitchen to show all aspects of food hygiene and healthy eating.”

Finally, we want to say a big thank you to everyone for their ongoing support and kindness.


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