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Salads are so wonderfully versatile

Salads offer a versatile option for filling lunches, spectacular sides, and everything in between. Whether you’re in search of a lunchtime salad, a light supper dish, or a hearty side to accompany your meal, our easy recipes make finding the perfect salad simple.

Seville orange, beetroot and feta salad

Combine seville oranges with earthy beetroot, tangy feta cheese, hearty green lentils, and peppery watercress for a colorful and vibrant citrus salad.

Roasted veg and lentil salad bowl

Get your fill of veg with this roasted veg and lentil salad bowl. This healthy recipe is loaded with roasted cauliflower, sweet potato wedges and crispy kale, plus lentils and a fresh tzatziki for a healthy vegetarian dinner - leftovers make a great lunch too.

Baked goat's cheese with grape, walnut and beetroot salad

The distinct sweet flavour of Candyfloss grapes is what makes this simple salad so unique. Complete with warm and salty goat's cheese, it's a real feast for the senses.


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