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How will the landline switch off affect you at home?

The Great British Switch-Off.

The pandemic has highlighted that we rely on the internet more than ever. The switch-off will allow cheaper and higher quality phone calls throughout the UK.

It’s the gradual process of shifting from an analogue phone line to a digital line, which is made over an internet connection. The Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) will both be switched off completely by 2025, with stop sell already taking place.

This means both businesses and homeowners will shift to digital voice rather than the traditional phone lines which are carried over copper wiring.

What is it and how does it work?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) simply refers to the future of landline services shifting over to digital technology. This will allow you to make telephone calls over an internet connection and will include built-in features such as a voicemail service, call divert and call waiting. For traditional landline users, your existing telephone handset will need to be connected to your internet router for seamless service.

Why are we moving from the traditional landline?

Currently, the UK is slowly withdrawing the old copper network and moving everyone to digital only. By replacing old-fashioned phone lines with electric cables, calls will be made over the internet providing a more cost-efficient option than traditional wiring.

Internet communications have meant landlines are becoming less popular, with telecommunications companies highlighting how PSTN equipment is costly to maintain and lacks high-quality calls. Traditional telephone lines can be unreliable due to their infrastructure of copper cables which are impacted by external hazards such as weather conditions and being underground.

How will the big landline switch affect me?

The last few years have seen us all embrace change via technology more than ever, from the use of mobile phones, applications and video calls. When connected to the internet router, your previous landline phone may will still work (if compatible) when the big landline switch-off happens. One consideration to make when transitioning to VoIP is that it is not compatible with some monitored alarm systems, which commonly connect through phone lines. If you use an alarm system at your property, you should contact your alarm company in advance.

What are the benefits of digital voice?

Cost Saving money is one of the major reasons many are migrating to digital phone services. Digital Voice allows you to adapt the package as is necessary and can help prevent surprise costs at the end of the month which sometimes happens with traditional landline service. Both internet and voice communications will use a singular digital network with Digital Voice, allowing users to experience reduced maintenance costs when it comes to repairing traditional phone wiring. With a traditional landline service, you usually pay service charges, for the installation, repairs and maintenance costs. Features VoIP incorporates special features such as voicemail, call waiting, call barring, and call diversion VoIP also has a special feature that helps blacklist nuisance calls VoIP offers HD-quality calling, and the call barring option helps prevents calls from being made to high rate or international destinations so you do not exceed costs.

Will I need a new handset for Digital Voice?

Your existing telephone handset will need to be connected to your internet router for seamless service. VoIP services are cost-effective, as you’re paying simply for an internet connection with a small additional fee for Digital Voice features.

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