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Spice it up: elevate your cooking to new heights

Adding a variety of spices not only enhances the flavours but also introduces a world of depth, complexity, and aroma to your plate. From aromatic cumin and fiery chili powder to fragrant cinnamon and zesty paprika, each spice carries its unique personality, letting you elevate your cooking to new heights.

Pesto meatballs with spicy tomato sauce

Make a dinner to remember with a heaping portion of pesto meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce served over al dente tagliatelle.

Spicy chicken and couscous salad

Spicy harissa-coated portions of chicken breast add some serious heft to this simple salad. Wholewheat couscous makes for a nice and nutty base while fresh mint and lemon juice cuts through the mixture.

Spicy cauliflower

Easy Indian food is the perfect crowd pleaser for weekend family meals.

Spicy chicken traybake

Take the stress out of dinner times with an easy chicken traybake recipe that's totally fuss-free. Coat sweet potatoes and onions with spicy BBQ seasoning, load onto a tray with chicken thighs and bake until slightly charred and crisp. Whip up a quick garlic and lemon yogurt dressing and finish with a sprinkle of coriander and lemon for a winning gluten-free dinner idea.

Spicy Indian chicken kebabs with curry marinade

These Indian spiced kebabs take hardly anytime to prepare and only six minutes to cook!

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