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DWB Wealth Consultancy LLP | Feature Member

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DWB Wealth Consultancy LLP provides clients with the very best financial advice and service, putting the needs of their clients at the heart of their business.

Advice & Services

Specialising in providing high-quality personal advice on many aspects of wealth management and advising clients of different backgrounds and ages. Additionally, they assist businesses in the increasingly complex area of corporate financial planning, providing guidance on pensions, protection for directors, key employees or shareholders, tax planning and aspects of exit planning.

Personalised financial planning

From retirement planning to structuring your finances for the benefit of all your family, DWB can help you unlock your wealth's full potential.

Investment Planning

Whether you’re looking to invest for income or growth, the right investment strategy is critical in helping secure your future financial well-being.

Retirement Planning

When it comes to thinking about your retirement, it’s never too soon to get started. In an increasingly uncertain financial landscape, now is the time to ensure you have access to the expert retirement advice you’ll need.

Protection Planning

There was a time when looking after your estate was only for the wealthy. Most of us are aware of the need to make plans to ensure our futures are protected, but very few of us are actually doing anything about it.


To help you determine more about your current or future financial position, we offer an extensive range of online calculators. Click here to find out more

Business Owners

As a self-employed wealth management business that specialises in helping businesses, as well as business owners, we can help you achieve your family, business, financial and lifestyle objectives.

You and your family

Many business owners regard their business as their primary source of retirement planning. They expect to realise sufficient capital from the sale of their business to secure a comfortable retirement for themselves and their immediate family. For some this will become a reality, although for many it will remain an unrealised dream.

The service we can provide is specifically designed to assist you with long-term planning to help you create financial independence from your business.

We will also provide advice to help protect you and your family against future risks so that you can enjoy a relaxed retirement.

You and your business

As a successful business owner, you will be aware of the financial planning needs of your business - and that employee benefits are critical to recruiting and retaining staff. You may have questions about auto-enrolment and want to know more about the portance of key person cover and protection.

With access to experts, we can help you with the detailed knowledge and understanding you need to make informed decisions that will benefit your company.

Having worked with business owners for many years, we can conduct a financial review of your business and make the necessary recommendations.

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