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DIY Christmas Wreaths

Getting creative this Christmas!

If you're looking for ways to bring the holiday spirit into your home, try making your own festive wreath.

It's simple to do and will make a great addition to any space in your home.

If you have kids who want to get in on the fun too, this project provides an opportunity for them both with crafting and decorating their own decorations for Christmas. Not only does this activity help them develop skills such as fine motor control, problem solving and creativity; it also gives them an opportunity to spend time with family members during the holidays when many people may be away from one another.


  • Christmas baubles

  • Wire wreath base (or wire coat hanger shaped into a circle)

  • Florist wire (or you could use glue)

  • Scissors

  • Ribbon (if desired)

How to

  • If your bauble came with a string to hang, snip these off so you are just left with the bauble.

  • Cut some florist wire (about 12cm long and thread baubles of assorted sizes onto the wire), twisting the two ends together to secure them.

  • If you haven't got enough wire to secure to your base then thread more through.

  • Twist the remaining (or additional wire) around your base.

  • Now cluster more baubles together and repeat the process of twisting them onto the base.

  • To finish, tie some ribbon to wrap around any gaps or you could add a few smaller baubles.

  • Hang your wreath and add some festive dazzle to your door.

Adding baubles to a wreath you have already bought will bring your festive scheme together.

Get creative

You can use this method to create anything, why not try a garland, or table decoration?


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