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Happy New Year

By Beth, Jamie, Jonathan and Hannah

What a year 2022 has been!

Full of exciting visits and events that have led to some amazing opportunities.

We became Grantley Halls charity and created the most beautiful Christmas decorations for their hotel that have been on display throughout Christmas. We started a partnership with the wonderful Monk Park Farm, working on lots of designs throughout the year for their Easter event, Halloween Spooktacular and Christmas events. We look forward to working with them both more in the new year.

We started work on our extension. Rachael says, “It’s so big and I can’t wait to have a lovely warm woodwork room.” “It’s going to be fantastic having more space,” says Beth. Jessica’s looking forward to having more space to maneuver and is excited to see the new woodwork room. “The outside of the building looks a lot smarter, and it will be so lovely to have everyone in the new paint shop” said Rebekah. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has given their time, experience, and positive energy toward building our extension.

Bring on 2023! A year that, we hope, will be filled with:

• Exciting new courses

• More community outings

• Learning new skills

• Joy and peace

• Making fun videos

• A quiet space to work

• Good food

• Brand new products

• Card Making

• Fun and friendship

• More painting and happiness

2023 also marks our 20th anniversary of opening at our current site. We cannot wait to celebrate this amazing achievement.

We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and wish you all a happy New Year.


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