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Embracing Octobers Transformation

October, with its myriad of colours and scents, is a month of transformation. It's a bridge between the warm embraces of summer and the crisp touch of winter. This month's edition of the Handpicked Local E-Magazine is a heartfelt ode to everything October embodies.

Handpicked Local E-Magazine, October Issue

Here are a few highlights from our October issue;

Fall's Enriching Interior Colours

Autumn in the UK brings with it a burst of invigorating colours, and this October, interior design enthusiasts are treated to a richer palette, drawing both from the understated neutrals and the vibrant tones of the season. Discover our curated list of this fall's trending interior colours and tips on blending them to create a sumptuous sanctuary.

Dive into the Spirit of Halloween

As the eerie allure of Halloween casts its spell, the world of mixology takes a bewitching turn. Halloween cocktails, much like the holiday itself, are an intoxicating blend of the macabre and the whimsical. These aren't just drinks; they are tales told in a glass, imbued with the spirit (and sometimes spirits) of the season.

Harrogate's Horticultural Haven

Flick look through the exciting landscapes in and around Harrogate and discover places you can explore with the family in this month's spotlight.

As the nights grow longer and the air cooler, we hope this October edition brings warmth, knowledge, and inspiration to each of you.

Happy reading and embrace the season's wonders!

Jo & Jenni Signature Handpicked Local


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