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Don't miss the deadline!

Now is the perfect time to express our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible individuals, businesses and groups who embody the spirit of our region.

They stand out with their acts of kindness, unwavering resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit. Inspirational stories and tireless contributions that transform our community into a place of unity, pride, and boundless potential.

Nominations close 1st November 2023, don't miss the deadline.

The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

Who deserves to be recognised for their remarkable achievements and contributions? From outstanding individuals, inspirational groups, to groundbreaking businesses, the Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024 celebrates the very best of our region.

No matter the age or background, there's a category suited for everyone:

  • Kate Granger Award for Outstanding Contribution (Open to all ages)

  • Inspirational Individual (Open to all ages)

  • Independent Business (Must have been trading for over 3 years)

  • Yorkshire Entrepreneur (Over 25 at date of nomination)

  • New Starter Business (Must have started trading after January 2022)

  • Young Entrepreneur (Under 25 at date of nomination)

  • Local Fundraiser (Individuals only and open to all ages)

  • Charitable Business (Businesses only)

  • Volunteer (Open to all ages)

  • Customer Service (Open to all businesses)

  • Community Arts (Open to individuals and groups)

  • Outstanding Courage (Open to all ages)

The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024

The opportunities are endless, and the recognition is priceless. Whether you know someone deserving of celebration or believe your own efforts should be acknowledged, seize this opportunity.

Remember, the closing date is the 1st of November.

Local buisness Frabks Accountants headline The Yorkshire Choice Awards 2024


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